Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mom and the boys are....Growing up

As the boys are growing I am growing too. DH got this for me. My minivan was on it's last leg and we needed something else we had looked for a long time. The right deal the right time never came... Until this one. Timing was right. It is everything I could ask for and so much more...

She is gently used... Oh so pretty and peppy too.

Here are 2 pics of the boys... Man are they growing. Scary how much.
I still find it funny how hard it is for them to smile with braces... J does not know Really what to do with himself in front of the camera lately... I keep encouraging him to just relax... He is so darn cute and sweet... How did one mom get so lucky?

N on the other hand... When He relaxes, well, watch out! Those eyes...Whew. 
His heart is as bright as his eyes... So very, very fortunate!

I think I may be in trouble with these two.


Sherry Wright said...

Wowsers, look at the cuties and you're right those eyes are amazing!!! Watch out girl. ;0) Love the new ride, fancy!! Your card are awesome!

Miki said...

The photos of the boys are both amazing Kel!! Wow, they are growing up so fast. Those eyes are going to melt hearts! Love the new car girl...she's a beauty!

Julia said...

Your new car looks good to me!! And what cute pics of the boys Kelly!! TFS

Renee said...

The photos of the boys are both amazing!!!!!Your new car looks good!!!!thanks for sharing..
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