Thursday, July 31, 2008

Been Away

I have been away on Vacation relaxing with my family this past week. Gone through Sunday. Hope Everyone is having a great summer... I'll be back soon to check in with a few new and FUN projects!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

True Friends

So lucky...

Things have been a bit rough lately, most recently I had  some things going on that required me to be in the hospital. All is well now and I am on the mend but during time of being down you learn who your friends are. Those that really care... Sometimes you are surprised by what you learn...

This past week two dear friends sent this bouquet to me, and it meant than my friends will ever know. The petals of the rose represent the many layers the friendships have taken on over the years and how I could never give them up. Thanks so much  you guys; for everything. 

This CPS card this week fits how I feel perfectly.

October Afternoon Pattern papers
(Rubbernecker Stamps-Thank you)
Making Memories Itty Bitty Alpha
May Arts Twine

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New, old and everything CPS...

I am so very privileged to be a part of the CPS group of talented ladies...

Below is 4 cards using for most recent sketches...
Thank you to our sponsors ( shown below ) Rubber Necker Stamps, Just Right Stamps, Kitchen Sink Stamps!
All 4 have a different feel...I think. Still trying to figure out my style and how to describe it.. I am not sure if I am any one one way...I love CHANGE.

So if any of the below cards inspire you... Check out the CPS blog. The talent there will blow your mind away!

Talking about talented ladies... GO check out the Pursuit of Craftyness blog. This is a group of amazing women who continue to inspire with all types of Craftyness! 

This week My post is about creating a unique one of a kind pendant. So go check it out :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mom and the boys are....Growing up

As the boys are growing I am growing too. DH got this for me. My minivan was on it's last leg and we needed something else we had looked for a long time. The right deal the right time never came... Until this one. Timing was right. It is everything I could ask for and so much more...

She is gently used... Oh so pretty and peppy too.

Here are 2 pics of the boys... Man are they growing. Scary how much.
I still find it funny how hard it is for them to smile with braces... J does not know Really what to do with himself in front of the camera lately... I keep encouraging him to just relax... He is so darn cute and sweet... How did one mom get so lucky?

N on the other hand... When He relaxes, well, watch out! Those eyes...Whew. 
His heart is as bright as his eyes... So very, very fortunate!

I think I may be in trouble with these two.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Two years... Wow

I cannot believe it has been 2 years since my friend/Mother in law passed away. Life is so different in the family now. The family does not feel as one unit but as many little functioning components.

Some have moved on and others have yet to grieve. Her spirit was one that is irreplaceable. Infectious, joyful, loving and giving. She never thought of herself but everyone else was not only thought of but prayed for, pampered,and treated with the most respect. 

I miss her. I miss my friend. I miss how smooth everything ran before she got sick. I miss the family that we once had.

I am moving forward... but it is hard. Almost impossible really. My kids were her only grandchildren, my husband was her oldest son, and her and I were very dear friends... that is over. 2 years have flown buy. It is time to move forward. Day by day. 

So with that I will figure out this new computer. Still trying to upload and attach an such. Still trying to set up new favorites and links as mine are all gone.  Hopefully by tomorrow... 

Much to share!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Finally on line again....

I know I have been MIA...
Lot's going on...
I am looking forward to being back here on a regular basis.   Just finally got online for the first time in over a week.  This MAC thing is hard to get used to... IT arrived today and it took me a LONG time to get online.  I need to get a card reader for my memory card as my last PC had an internal reader. I will try and post a few projects and a pic of this new toy. 

I signed up for lessons. So I am going to try an hour a week until I get the hang of it all....

Be back soon... I promise.