Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More testing, more waiting, more Layouts

Well I went to work...had a meeting.
Decided I need to go back. I miss it. Is that crazy?

I think the insanity of that place make my insanely crazy life right now seem somewhat, well, Calm. So back to work I go this coming Friday. We will see how it all goes. One day at a time. Right?

Went to the Doctor later this am he got me in a bit earlier, scheduled a mammogram, then they called with a cancelation this afternoon ( what the heck is the big deal anyway ? ) I was so nervous because of all the 'bad press' that they get. It was not nearly as bad as I expected. But hey, I have been through a lot. Also had an ultrasound, more labs done, records copied, more referrals made... Which means more Appointments. I feel good. I feel like next week I will get answers. Lots of answers.
n the mean time...

Here is a layout of me and the boys last October. I SO adore this picture. This day...was my day. I got to pick it. Whatever I wanted to do. So we did an attempt at fall colors and I loved each and every moment withhese little guys. I feel so grateful for these two... They make me smile. They also make me a littel crazy...but that is what little boys are for right?

Making Memories Animal crakers Diecut paper
Making Memories travel paper
Making Memories Ledger Paper
Making Memories Noteworthy Paper
Making Memories Itty bitty Alpha stickers blue ***Again I love these****
Making Memories Passport collection buttons and flowers
Making Memories Travel Collection Flocked Stickers and Clips, and Transparency
Mustard Moon Alpha Stickers
May Arts Twine

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