Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A few pictures

The first picture is of the four of us... A weee bit tired here. But At least I have one picture of the four of us.
The next is of the boys with their Uncle and New Aunt , they flew in from California for the Big day. The last picture is more true to life for them... They all are big goofs especially when their Uncle is in town. This is a true representation.


Stacey S said...

What great shots, Kel! Love the family photo and I'm in awe of how much your brother and Nicholas look so much alike! Esp. those gorgeous blue eyes they share! (I'm assuming he's your bro - the eyes are a giveaway) Jacob looks so handsome in his braces!

Julia said...

Great pics Kelly! Such a great looking family you all are!! And I'm thinking of you...:-)

Anabelle said...

What sweet little guys they are. They look so handsome on their first Communion day. Love theones with your brother.