Friday, April 18, 2008

Random Thoughts

What a busy week. I have been back and forth to the vet for my little dog Kelsey... She has not been feeling well. So I have been trying to keep her comfortable. She has been with me for over 12 years now so the thoughts of losing her have crept upon me. I get pretty emotional thinking about it but am trying really hard to stay positive and trust in the Vet. By the way...Isn't she cute??? Not bad looking for her age! 7 dog years for each human year x12= 84. Wow... That coversion must not be right.

Now on the other things...
I created a little Mardi Gras mask With Corediantions Black Magic Papers, embossing folders and some bling. If you have not had the opportunity to play with it, you need to. I am going to be doing a Give-Away of some of the Vintage Papers next week. So all of you lurkers out there... I know there are many, stop back and play. The requirements for the Challenge will be easy!!!

The last image is Another card I did for the CPS sketch. Tami creates some of the best sketches...So fun Go check them out is you get a chance!!!

Pursuit of Craftyness... This blog has been rockin with inspiration. Today Miki has created the most adorable over the shoulder purse... Dang I mat need to make a trip to California to have her show me a tip or two. Head on over to the blog and check out the challenge that Melissa put up and maybe create a Bag of your own with the Tutorial for the purse.

Well off to clean up some of my scrappy mess... and maybe, just maybe I can make a few more things. Tomorrow, I will be posting a favorite project or two of mine... Based of the Spring Renewal I as talking about earlier. I love butterflies... So that may be a hint.


chelle said...

i had this chart saved for my own future references, cause i have 3 dogs myself. thought you might be interested. its not 7 years anymore.

Dog Age-----Human Years

it was changed cause when you think about it, dogs have reached sexual maturity by (or before) one year of age. so they would have to be older than 7 by one year old. so yours is about 64 years old.

Terrie B x said...

beautiful creations...hope your dog is a lot better:)x

Sherry Wright said...

Aww.. she's the sweetest!! Awesome projects. :0)