Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hmph! internet struggles.

My internet has been down now for 5 hours. SO very frustrating!
So here are some pictures from the Mall of America, fun was had by all! No clean up done really...Plan on making them better with some PS assistance later.
I will also update more about the rest of our spring break later....The Circus was a definite circus... Long story to be shared at another time:)
Sunday CPS card is all DIGI....YIKES!!! I will give you a hint first, I am not a digi person...YET! This was a challenge. But a fun small peek of my end result is actually in one of the above photos...
CAN YOU find anything you think may be my inspiration, besides the sketch of course?

I am off to take pics of some of the paper craft items I have done...Will try and share a few this week. OH and I got a delivery of the new Coredinations cardstock today....alll I can say is NUMMY!!!!!! WOWZERS!!! Way better that the images show good stuff! I'll create with that too and try and post something tomorrow!! Fun stuff!

Have a happy Sunday!


Anabelle said...

Bummer about the internet. I hate when that happens! LOVE the photos. Ryan would just go nuts there. He loves everything Nicolodean!

Sherry Wright said...

These photos are great, looks like such fun!