Saturday, April 5, 2008

Once you go MAC you never go back, or so I've been told

So I am in love with this computer, well maybe not love yet, but definitly lust. Nummy! Nummy!


So seamless, so wonderful, so easy to use, or so I hope and have been told. I have been told once you go MAC you never go back! We will see. So within the next couple months this will be mine. I am very excited to say the least, I think of the MAC, as the same as when I was a kid... I was SOOOO WRONG!! YEAH!!! First it is tower free... More space. The screen is a protected screen no LCD. The graphic capabilites is outstanding and the have Word compatibe files which could have been a deal closer but that makes it even better. There is 52 hours of 1 on 1 education with the purchase on one of these and all data transfer for less than 100.00 They will help you with whatever you are trying to achieve! So again Can I (SCREAM) the excitement is getting the best of me!!! Dh was even impressed and he sees no point in upgrading until we were in the store. So for Mother's Day... Momma is getting a MAC. Bring on the digital cards and Layouts then. I may just figure them out yet. :)

Question to pose If you are a Mac owner...One tip to help out a new user/buyer.... I will have a New Hard to find, Ranger white pen to send out to a Random poster.

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